Digital Banking

Internet & Mobile Banking

We help Financial Institutions to modernise their current banking offering into modern digital channels. We integrate these applications into our omni-channel digital banking platform for a perfect integration.
Nearsoft Solutions omni-channel digital banking platform helps your organizations to manage your digital strategy, based on realtime data analysis, you can optimize your clients user experience and processes.
Our graphical interfaces are build from scratch for each Financial Institution, 100% responsive and optimized to offer maximum performance and security.

Online Lending

Nearsoft Online Lending is a digital process where customers and non-customers of a financial institution can simulate and subscribe a loan.
Using Simulators that can be adapted to multiple financing products, with a simple and easy-to-use interface.
To apply for a loan, the user must insert all the required information and upload the personal documents defined by the Financial Institution.
The process can be carried out through multiple digital channels without interfering with the flow.

Advanced Simulators

Ability to quickly and easily configure simulators on various types of financial products.
This type of module significantly increases clients confidence in the financial institution, and a greater knowledge of the financial products offered.
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